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Therapeutic Services

Someone wise once said that our perception of cost is merely a reflection of our inner values.  If we believe that something is not of value to us, then we perceive the cost to be too high. When we come to deciding if we can afford something, we are really deciding if what we are investing in is of high enough value to us.

That being said, counseling is you investing in YOURSELF first and foremost.  You are of value.  Plain and simple.  The investments you make in therapy in many ways reflects your beliefs about yourself.  Working with me is a process of understanding and unlocking stuck patterns, experiencing freedom from debilitating thoughts and fears, and learning how to access your own worth and power as an individual in your relationships.  If you could add up all the costs involved in those stuck patterns, those debilitating thoughts and fears--what do you suppose they are costing you?

Are they costing you your sense of well-being? Are they costing you the constant torment of an anxious mind?  Are they costing you friendships and meaningful contact with others?  Are they costing you financially in lost opportunities, chemical addictions, and 'damage control'?

The investment in yourself is not merely a financial one.  It is also an investment of your time and energy: coming to appointments, taking new skills and practicing them at home or at work, allowing yourself to experience new feelings, and working with new skills so as not to become overwhelmed.  It is a whole person investment in you and your future.

While there is no formula for determining how many sessions it will take for you to move through what you are struggling with, there IS always an endpoint.  Counseling is always time limited, but that could be one session or it could be several years.  We always work together to check in, review goals, and assess where we are going, see what's working and what's not working.  Ultimately, YOU are the one who determines how long and how much to invest in therapy.

As for the monetary portion, because there is significant financial investment, I believe you have the right to find out as much as you can about me, before you commit to working with me.  That is why I offer a FREE consultation session, where you have the opportunity to see if we would be a good fit.

Once you decide you would like to continue with me, all payments are due at the time of service.  While I do not take insurance, many insurance programs will pay for out-of-network care or allow you to use a Health Savings Account to pay for mental health services.  If you have questions about what your insurance covers, please contact your benefits provider or administrator directly.  I am able to provide a receipt for all services which you can use to request payment from your insurance provider.

A sliding scale may be available for you.  Please contact me to find out more.  My sliding scale is based on availability as well as a percentage of your income.

Payment Forms Accepted:  CHECK, CASH, CC (Visa,MC,AMEX)

Consultation Services

I offer a variety of consulting services for you or your organization.  Whether you are looking for team building or reconciliation, program development and strategic deployment, project management consultation, or organizational assessment, please call to find out how Connexus Counseling Center can facilitate your process.  I specialize in work with service/helping organizations and faith communities.

Our rates are $200 per hour for consulting services.  Please contact me for a project quote.

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