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Connexus offers consulting services for small to medium sized agencies, organizations and faith communities that center around developing the human potential for collaboration and satisfaction.  Whether consulting to leadership or to teams within such organizations, I offer assessments of your current processes as well as facilitate growth.

As an organization, your greatest assest is the people you have working for you, from CEO to your volunteers.  It is your people that fulfill your mission and objectives by the work that they do.  They bring their passion, gifts, wants, and needs to the work they do, and the quality of what they offer cannot be measured in merely quantitative terms.  They are constantly interacting with your clients, your supporters, your funders, and your partners.  With each interaction, they are representing your organization.

Maximizing their impact can be your greatest challenge.  Creating well-oiled teams  can be a challenge, particularly in service oriented industries.  The bottom line is not respresented merely in a dollar figure of profit.  Each member inevitably interprets your organization's missiion n a little differently given their unique perspectives and motivations.  This can cause confusion, miscommunication, power struggles, and ultimately resentments that decrease productivity and cause workplace tension and dissatisfaction.

When these elements are present, your entire organization is affected negatively.  Energies are spent cleaning up "messes".  Burn-out and staff turn-over increases.  In-fighting and back-biting leads to further administrative quagmires that never seem to be rsesolved.  New ideas and projects are engaged in with new energy, but then quickly fade away, costing you time, money, and energy and leaving a sense of dissapointment and distrust.

If any of these issues are affecting your organization, I can help provide both assessments and recommendations that will help you create a more effective, reputable, and lively environment that will have an impact in all the areas of your dealings.  From increase your utilization of internal resources to improving your effectiveness with the people you serve, I can provide you with the tools and guidance you are looking for.

Contact me today for a free consultation of how I can help your organization fulfill your mission.

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